How to maintain my oiled wooden floor?

An oiled wood floor can easily be maintained using the Ciranova maintenance products.

For its regular weekly or monthly cleaning, depending on the degree of contamination, use Ciranova Parquet Flooring Soap. Dissolve some soap in a bucket of tepid water. Finish off by wiping the wood floor with a well-wrung cloth. The soap cleans your wood floor and feeds it at the same time.

Once a year you can use Ciranova Maintenance Oil on your oiled parquet flooring which ensures optimum protection.

Prevent your floor from becoming dirty by:

Placing mats at every door

Applying felt under your furniture, cleaning and replacing it regularly

Not placing flower pots directly on the floor

Immediately removing sand, dirt and liquids with a damp cloth or vacuum cleaner

Cleaning dirt and dust off the floor before you start your maintenance activity

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